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The Time is Now!

At a time of increasing division, we're calling on our fans across the country to come together and take a stand for One Sweet World!

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Stand Up For Unity Over Division

Through 'One Sweet World', we're asking fans to choose unity over division! Together we can share positive community stories, challenge misconceptions of nationality, race, wealth and religion, and help to turn the tide on the rise of fear and prejudice around us.

We're asking everyone to join in to make our society a little sweeter!

This Is What You Can Do
  1. Join your local HOPE not hate community group, formed to heal community tensions following the Brexit vote.
  2. Like the Worrying Signs group on Facebook, a community of people across the UK who are taking a stand against division!

Want more information on why this is important to us here at Ben & Jerry's?  

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  • We’ve always had an appetite for ice cream and a hunger for social justice here at Ben & Jerry’s. We’re not afraid to speak up about issues we care about, and have stood up for a fair few issues over the years from marriage equality to animal welfare and getting the dough out of politics - all striving to help create a sweeter world for all to embrace and enjoy. As a certified B-Corp, Ben & Jerry’s, and over 1,000 companies worldwide, aims to use business as a force for good for people and the planet. At the core of all causes we stood up for is a call for equality, and our underlying message of peace and love.

  • Truth is, we live in a fraught time: we have witnessed the devastating effects of climate change on some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet, and we’ve seen the poor endure loss of livelihood, and isolation.  With every passing year, we’ve seen growing inequality, with the richest 62 people in the world being as wealthy as half of the world’s population! Voices of the disenfranchised are being edged out of the democratic picture… and we’ve witnessed moments designed to push our communities apart. The time is now to stand together and build a sweeter future.

  • As a certified B-Corp, Ben & Jerry’s, and over 1,000 companies worldwide, aims to use business as a force for good for people and the planet. There is no quick fix to solve social inequality and injustice, but we know that what we can do as a company is:

    • Promote ideas and actions that drive inclusion and harmony in communities
    • Support and raise awareness for grassroots initiatives that promote better dialogue between communities, and support building a collective voice of communities to fight the increased influence of corporations.
    • Ensure the most basic freedom - the right to vote - by advocating for better access to democracy for marginalised groups in society
    • Share positive stories of community identity, we need to come together to share messages of peace and love.

  • We believe our future prosperity depends on how well we can integrate and harness the diversity of our world – from our brownie makers, to our Fairtrade farmers, and the communities we operate in. That’s why we’ll be asking you – and millions more across Europe – to join us in calling for the sweeter future we deserve! We’re going to concentrate our influence on local activations across Europe to really make a difference, working with grassroots community organisations, local partners and, of course, your lovely selves in an attempt to shine a light on social injustice and exclusion - from voter registration drives to volunteering initiatives. We’ll be sharing positive stories from across Europe here too, because together we can build a movement of positive change.

  • Without a registered vote, voices are ignored. If people are not included, policy makers will not seek to build policies to meet their needs. Research shows that when citizens do not see policies that meet their needs, or find themselves unrepresented by politicians, they feel disenfranchised and are even less likely to register to engage in democracy. We believe that ensuring everyone has access to the fundamental right to pledge their vote is crucial to reversing the long term trend of exclusion and inequality in Europe.

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